Episode 35 – Rabid for the D

In this week’s redonk-a-donk episode, James, drunk Cameron and medicated host Delvin cover a lot of ground and try not to get lost along the way.

The trio covers all of the social media discussions they had with listeners over the past week; they also announce the winner for the Smite contest. As it’s the beginning of the month, the guys cover the big game releases for April.

Next, the crew talks about what games they’ve been playing over the past two weeks and of course they talk about the news of the week, including the big bombshell that was Facebook and Oculus Rift. The guys also discuss Killer Instinct’s new developer and what game the former Castlevania producer would like to work on!

Check it all out, and be sure to stay till the end of the episode for all of the crazy antics that had to be edited out to the super-length blooper reel!

Break Music:
Kirby’s Adventure – Green Greens
WoW – Battle vs Sindragosa
WoW – Dalaran Theme

0:00 – Social Media Discussion
19:43 – On The Horizon
34:50 – Now Playing
1:05:50 – News
1:49:27 – Bloopers