Episode 33 – Smittenly Smited

This week on VGRealness, Cameron is in the driver seat to help us learn all about MOBAs! What are they? How do these games work? What makes them so popular? But of course, Delvin, Cameron and Michael talk all about Smite in preparation for the upcoming launch on March 25th!

Before the guys dive into the world of MOBAs, we talk about what games they’ve been playing over the past two weeks, and as always, cover the news of the past week: PS4 price increase in Canada, DK Tropical Freeze sales numbers, Smash Bros back at EVO and more.

Be sure to check out the episode as we are having a great giveaway this week for a Smite God Pack! Get all the characters of Smite and future gods all at once!

We want to know, If you could include one god/myth in SMITE, who would it be? Send us your responses via our Facebook Page, Twitter or posting a reply here on our website!

Contest closes Wednesday March 26. Winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck everyone and we can’t wait to hear your responses!

***All break music is from the game Smite, and does not belong to us, and is being used under fair use policy***

Time Outline:
1:55 Now Playing
24:09 News
56:14 MOBAs Discussion

Episode 30 – Two Lonely Gays Part 2: Double Trouble

This week on VGRealness, it’s just James and Delvin giving you the T on the news of the past week. From new patch news in Killer Instinct to Sega’s plans with Atlus, the duo also discusses Activision’s plans for the Tony Hawk series and which system game developers are in favor of developing for in the console space. Joystiq.com also had a discussion with Square Enix Producer Kitasae and we dissect the juicy morsels that came out of that interview.

To close out the show, in a new monthly segment for Video Game Realness, James and Delvin discuss games that we miss. This month’s game is Gauntlet!

Check it out and more on this week of Video Game Realness!

Show Notes:
Bravely Default concert
GaymerX2 Kickstarter
Super Chibi Knight Kickstarter
PBS Game Show about Angry gamers

Break Music:
Bravely Default Concert – Tiz’s Theme
Sonic 2 – Emerald Hill Zone
FF XIII – Blinded by Light 8-bit remix
Gauntlet Dark Legacy – Mountain Valley