Episode 56 – Aunt Jemima Gigglefest

The whole crew is back and this week they go in depth talking about the Smash Bros 3DS demo that was recently released. The crew also discusses the effects of the Destiny hype and how it may have affected game reviews. The guys go over the news of the week and then there’s well…whatever the Aunt Jemima thing was.

All this and more this week on Video Game Realness!

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Episode 46 – E3 2014: Playstation Conference

The whole crew breaks down all the details of the very long Sony Conference. James, Michael, Cameron and Delvin breakdown the games that were announced such as Destiny, LittleBigPlanet 3 and the re-releases making a big splash this year.

A lot happened and didn’t happen in this conference at the same time, but the guys dive into all the details and share our thoughts.

Did Sony win E3 again this year? What are your thoughts?

Playstation E3

Episode 1 – Microsoft & Sony Post-E3 Smackdown

In our first “official” episode, Delvin, James Cameron and Michael discuss all of the Sony & Microsoft-related events from E3 2013. Were their predictions correct? What games did they find the most interesting? How do they feel about the Xbox One following its flip-flop on DRM policies? All this and more on this week’s episode of Video Game Realness.

For a breakdown on all things Nintendo from E3 2013, we’ve got a whole episode coming your way.

(Oh, and sorry about that weird buzzing. We’re working on it!)