Episode 29 – Hashtag Brayvlee Defawlt

It’s time for a little role reversal. Michael hosts this week’s episode with James, Cameron and Delvin and let’s just say things are a little different, but in a #fun way.

The gang discusses what they’ve been playing, including a lengthy discussion about Bravely Default — or as Michael likes to call it, #BrayvleeDefawlt. Have you been playing? Let us know your thoughts by using the aforementioned hashtag.

Following Now Playing, the guys move on to the news of the week, including Halo 2 anniversary rumours, Zero Escape 3 woes, and a smattering of Nintendo news following their latest Ninja Direct. Notable moments include #YouShutYourBitchMouth, #Caligribrush, and #OverTheDrip.

Hilarity ensues this week, so don’t miss out! Yes, it’s a little hashtag crazy, but it’s all in good fun. Plus, the ending of the episode is one you won’t want to miss!

Show Notes:
-Zero Escape 3 fan support

Episode 28 – Love?

This week on VGRealness, the crew takes a look at iconic relationships in gaming. Whether it be a school girl crush, a bond that grows, or just cookie cutter romance, we take a look at them. We chose a list of our favorites and most memorable. What are some of your favorite and iconic relationships in the gaming universe?

Also this week, news regarding Flappy Bird and the creator shutting it down; Activision makes a 3rd dev company to produce more COD. Also, Double Helix was bought out by Amazon!?!?! What does this mean for Killer Instinct? We take a look at that and more this week on Video Game Realness.

Break Music
Bravely Default – Land of Light and Shadow

Show Notes:
Megaman X4 – Iris’ Death 
Sonic Boom Photos