Episode 31 – Me & My Things

Can VG Realness get any more real? The answer is yes! This week join Cameron, James, Michael and Delvin as the crew discusses upcoming releases for the month of March and which games they’re most excited about.

In news, the guys talk about Twitch Plays Pokemon, the Xbox One Titanfall bundle, PS4 Japan launch numbers, Tony Hawk’s latest venture and Nintendo online. Other highlights include Michael rambling, Now Playing, and a discussion on games the guys enjoy playing over and over again.

Don’t miss this and the moment when we shout ARRRRRRIBA! on this week’s episode of Video Game Realness!

Show Notes:
-Beyonce playing Rhythm Heaven
-Twitch Plays Pokemon art
-Overdrive trailer

*Sorry for the delay in episode posting. Michael’s computer had a brain fart and died while attempting to upload the episode.


Episode 24 – January Jams Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

This week, join Cameron, Michael and James as they continue the Video Game Realness month-long celebration of music in video games. Michael shares his Top 5 soundtracks of all time, as well as his faves from 2013.

The trio also takes some time to share listener tweets who tweeted at us with their favourite soundtracks of all time. Donkey Kong Country is high on a lot of lists; who knew?! The guys discuss the news of the week, including updates from CES, and finally move into this week’s January Jams topic: how does music influence/affect storytelling and atmosphere in games? What games do this the best? You’ll have to listen to find out! Also, be sure to tweet us with your opinions!

(Michael also wrote a story about this for 1UP.com a couple years back and you can check it out here.)

Show Notes:
-The Wind Waker video James mentioned
-Below is a Storify of all the game soundtrack tweets we received. Be sure to get in on the action this week!

***DISCLAIMER: All music used in this episode does not belong to Video Game Realness and is being used under Fair Use Policies.