Episode 41 – Flappy Nonsense

The crew is back this week with another News Extravaganza, and boy is there a lot of it.

First off, James, Cameron and Delvin cover the slew of Nintendo news including Tomodachi-gate and how they felt about it. The guys touch on the news of Pokemon, as well as the other recent announcements from Nintendo. Later, they discuss Sony’s recently released financial information and why they sold off their Square Enix stocks.

Of course, the crew also touches on yet another Xbox 180 and the news of the Kinect-less Xbox One.

All this and more on Video Game Realness.

Episode 37 – Smashtastic!

This week, the VGRealness crew of James, Cameron and Delvin dissect the Smash Bros Nintendo Direct. What was announced, what changes were made, what’s the release date? They discuss it all and more.

But first, it’s Now Playing! The guys talk about what games they’ve been playing for the past few days. As always, the crew covers the news items of the week, including a very strange Ninja Direct that happened the day after the Smash Bros direct.

No new episode will air next week, but VGRealness will return the week of April 27th.

Break Music:
Smash Bros Brawl – Vs. Meta Ridley
Smash Bros Brawl – Battlefield

0:00 – Now Playing
25:14 – News
54:12 – Smash Bros Discussion