Episode 13-2: XIII-2: The Sequel Nobody Asked For

On this week’s episode of Video Game Realness, the boys have a lengthy discussion about Valve’s announcements from the past week — how will the entry of the Steam Box have an affect on the console market and how might it disrupt the market as we know it?

We also discuss the torture scene from GTA 5 and how we felt about it and how these kinds of graphic scenes may trend in the future. All that and our gameplay impressions of Rayman Legends and Wonderful 101 on this week’s Video Game Realness podcast.

Show Notes:
-From Greg’s Street Fighter photo shoot:

greg-shoryuken greg-street-fighter-1 greg-street-fighter-2
-Dumb Ways to Die

-Halo: Reach video

1 thought on “Episode 13-2: XIII-2: The Sequel Nobody Asked For

  1. great show guys! I am still catching up, 2 more to go. I discovered you through Gaymebar and so glad i did! such a riot!!! and now thank to you i will look into koopa club and game buoy as well as orange lounge radio… girl, i got some listening to do :S but if they are anywhere near as entertaining as you are, it will be a blast!

    greg, your failed blooper attempt was actually pretty funny

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