Episode 57 – The DLC Discussion

This week on Video Game Realness, the guys talk about DLC! In the last week there were lots of DLC packs announced for Hyrule Warriors, which in turn have caused a bit of a stir for some people. Join Cameron, Michael, James and Delvin as they have  an in-depth discussion about good DLC vs money grab DLC.

The crew then throws in their two cents about Microsoft’s aquisition of Mojang, the creator of Minecraft. All that, Now Playing, and an FF15 demo and trailer discussion on this week’s episode of Video Game Realness!

Time Stamps:
DLC Discsussion – 23:00
Microsoft Mohjang Discussion – 56:00
Final Fantasy 15 and other news – 1:14:00

Break Music:
Sonic Adventure 2 – City Escape
Hyrule Warriors – Kakiro Village
Hyrule Warriors – Twilight Field