Episode 69 – Iron Cog Block!

The gang’s all here and to celebrate Episode 69, James, Michael, Cameron and Delvin are discussing who they think are the hottest guys in video games. The crew also lists the Top 20 based on your votes—yay community!

Before the guys get into the manzes, they talk about Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA on mobile games and the codename NX system. Afterwards, everyone shares what they’ve been playing and for Cameron and Michael, that’s been a lot of Pokemon cards! News points of the week include: Kojima and Konami, Uncharted 4 delay, Final Fantasy XV summons and more!

Don’t miss out on this week’s hot digital man meat discussion. (Below is Debonair Jayce.)


1 thought on “Episode 69 – Iron Cog Block!

  1. Love the show and hate to be the one who complains about a list, but can’t believe there were so many Phoenix Wright characters but no mention of Detective Gumshoe! He manages to be both beefy and adorably cute and dorky.

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