Episode 71 – Pooping Hearthstone

In the latest episode, join Delvin, Michael and Cameron as they dish on all of the latest gaming news. The guys start with Hot Topics — focusing on Konami, the cancellation of Silent Hills and the latest in all the Kojima drama — and then Cameron and Michael discuss the leak of potential content in the new Mass Effect game.

After the break the guys discuss the games they’ve been playing recently, then quickly devolve in to Pokemon cards and comic books before getting back on track with the news from the week. Highlights include: more HD remakes, amiibo reprints, HOTS getting a release date and more!

Break Music
Sonic 2 – Chemical Plant Zone
Banjo Kazooie Symphony

1 thought on “Episode 71 – Pooping Hearthstone

  1. Hey guys, have loved the show for a while, and am just starting to chime in with responses. I would have loved for Atlas to pick up Darksiders, and for Nintendo to pick up Castlevania and pass it along to PlatinumGames for a Bayo treatment!

    The Silent Hills cancellation was really heartbreaking. Having played through PT, I honestly thought this re imagining of Silent Hills through Kojima/Del Toro’s vision would have been a much needed breath of life into the series. But from my knowledge, Konami has seemed to be out of the gaming industry for a while, at least in terms of gaining anything from it financially. As you mentioned in the episode, a lot of their revenue comes from the slot machine business they’ve been developing in Japan throughout the past few years, with them even partnering with the Las Vegas based MGM Grand to develop a mobile app for gambling. It seems logical, albeit sad, for them to look at their gaming development as a hemorrhaging department. I’m wondering if they assessed the cost of Kojima games, and decided that Silent Hills was not worth the investment he would have asked for it, especially teaming with a talented director such a Del Toro.

    As to them de-listing themselves from the New York Stock Exchange, that can be explained with how little business they actually do in the states, compared to the trades they do within the UK and Japan.

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