Episode 81 – Skyforge, Twitch, and Marvel, Oh Myyy!

In this week’s episode of VGRealness, we do things different this week with a live episode! This event took place Tuesday July 28th and we bring to you, the edited down podcast version!

Cameron, Delvin and James are checking out new MMO Skyforge and playing it throughout the episode. While playing, they discuss the game, talk about EVO, LCS and the future of Marvel!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 81 – Skyforge, Twitch, and Marvel, Oh Myyy!

  1. Hi guys! I have been a listener since episode zero and love the new format and the new theme song! Bring on season 3 😀 Also I have not rated you on iTunes because I get your podcast on android via Beyondpod (name of he app). But know you get 5 stars from me all the way!

    I wanted to share some thoughts on the discussion you had regarding race/gender. Firstly, in Ant-Man, there is a reason why he doesn’t want his daughter to be the super hero because he lost his wife in that way. But in the end (perhaps the post credit scene?) he shows her the new and improved Wasp costume so you know she will be kicking butt in the future. Ok, with that, the easy part is done.

    A part of me wishes that all marvel heroes were blue skinned and genderless. The reason being that I do not believe it is the correct medium to have the discussion or “fight the fight”. I would prefer to read a comic (something I have not done since I was in high school tbh) or watch a super hero movie and not have it marred with racial controversy. That’s not what it is about. Now I know, that is a narrow and simplistic perspective but hear me out, there is more to it.

    All the effort that is being put into “fixing” diversity issues in movies (such as avengers), shows (such as Game of thrones) or games (such as Witcher) is effort that could be spent fixing ACTUAL issues. For example, I have read and seen comments/videos disparaging GoT for their last season’s treatment of women. But those are imaginary characters. There are ACTUAL people who have ACTUAL problems… And I won’t even go into the fact that many more men die then women and in pretty gruesome ways (eyes being pushed in until the skull bursts open… anyone?). Statistically, it is much better to be a woman in that show. Similarly, even though the racial diversity is getting better in media channels (movies, tv, comics etc…), all the effort being spent there and the “successes” garnered only muddle the issue in my opinion because again, there are ACTUAL issues still out there and they do not seem to be addressed with nearly the same kind of passion. The racial disparity in American prisons, the racial and gender disparities in income averages, all societal biases whether gender based or race based (and there are many). Those are real issues but people give attention to “Sansa was raped off camera in that one scene”. You know what is ACTUALLY bad? Women being stoned to death if they do not marry when AND who their family chooses in the Middle East (that’s a culture thing though and perhaps even religious so it is even more complex).

    This whole era of “Tumblr social activism” feels hollow. When a production studio capitulates and adds a black captain America, how does that actually address the conversation of race? What does it even say about it?

    That is why I wish super heroes were genderless blue people. But then again, people can much more easily connect with someone that resembles them and who am I kidding, it’s not like it’s going to happen. But I still feel it would perhaps switch the conversation and EFFORTS towards the actual issues and not those of imaginary people. I am glad the Avengers are more diverse and the Marvel universe is so accepting. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was our world? Because just PERHAPS, if all the attention and effort that the marvel universe got for diversity had been directed at real world issues, PERHAPS our world would be slightly better off :S


    Not saying the conversation is one that is dumb or shouldn’t happen. Just saying that it is perhaps not the correct conversation to begin with, or at least not with the correct target. Anyway, I do not expect a response and I am not sure if you will even see this. Either way, I will continue listening because you guys crack me up! My favorite moment among MANY remains James’s rant about titanfall 2 being confirmed when the first wasn’t even out!!!!!!


    Avid listener from Ottawa,

    • We most certainly will see it!
      We absolutely love to hear such passionate feedback and love that you have been with us since Episode 0!!!

      Thank you SOOOOOOO much for your support!

      Can’t wait to read your post on our next episode!

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