Episode 87 – We’re here, we’re queer

It’s been a hot minute, but Delvin, Cameron, and James are back with a new episode—and it’s a doozy. Get caught up on the latest games we’ve been playing including Happy Home Designer, Star War’s the Old Republic’s latest expansion, and Wildstar. We also breakdown last week’s goliath of a Nintendo Direct and chat a bit about Overwatch and some of the drama surrounding its beta.

As a bonus, here are some shots of our Halloween costumes!

Halloween Costumes

1 thought on “Episode 87 – We’re here, we’re queer

  1. Hey gals, so glad to see your podcast. We love you down in the south in FL (don’t worry, I wasn’t born here, I come from VT).Just wanted to say thanks, I may never be able to say it personally, but all of you have helped me through some tough times. Your my long distance gay gaming friends, I bore my friends trying to talk about E3 and gaming news.
    Much Love,
    Doug M

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