Episode 11 – My Mother’s Oranges: An MMO Retrospective

Delvin, Cameron, Greg and James serve up some interconnectedness realness this week, talking about the history of Massively Multiplayer Online games and their experiences with internet gaming. From WoW to now, we discuss how each caster was introduced to the world of MMOs, our all-time favourite franchises and our perspective on how one online game success informed the next. Feeling nostalgic about Everquest, Ragnarok or Runescape? Well, this episode is for you.

Also the gaggle discusses Dragon Age at PAX; plans, organises and executes a Microsoft Shade Parade and Delvin gives us the dish on Final Fantasy XIV.

Check your connection hunties, before embarking on this online ride talking about the history of Massively Multiplayer Online games.

3 thoughts on “Episode 11 – My Mother’s Oranges: An MMO Retrospective

  1. I was obsessed with PSO back in the day and had to play on hacked Juno dial-up too because AOL wasn’t compatible with the dreamcast. Good times.

    The character overwrite thing was a way people could PK you… they could do it intentionally with a game shark. I think you had to pull the phone line from your DC right away and wait for the connection to time out to keep it from saving over your file. You still lost all of your money and any items that weren’t banked. PSO was like the wild west of online games.

    • OMG! No way!
      For years I always thought that it was some random accident. I had no idea about this. What does “PK” mean?

      Thank you SO MUCH for this feedback!
      I’m glad to hear that someone else had a crazy PSO obsession like I did!


      • Player Kill

        It even happened in the lobbies sometimes. There was also NOLing that turned your character into an npc. Those things weren’t really an issue if you stayed off of the more popular ships though.

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