Episode 49 – VGRealness Live!!!

Join Delvin, James and host Cameron as they embark on a new adventure at VGRealness and do a live stream of the podcast! (Well, technically if you’re listening to this release, it isn’t live anymore.) We will be playing through some dungeons while we discuss the news items of the week such as UbiSoft shade, Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit and sales for Mario Kart 8!

We also dive into what games we have been playing for the week!

Let us know what you think of this new venture! Leave us your feedback and let us know if you would like to see more content like this in the future!

This episode has been edited to be more podcast friendly. To see the full uncut version, check out our YouTube channel!

Episode 43 – E3 Predictions

The full gang is back this week to dish on their E3 predictions and what things they are looking forward to seeing at E3 next week. The guys also discuss what things they know are most likely to make an appearance.

Before dishing on the E3 goodness, the crew talks about what games they’ve been playing and catch up with Michael on what he’s been up to.

We also take a look at some of the big news stories that passed over the last week, such as YouTube looking to buy Twitch, and Nintendo announcing the GameCube Controller adapter.

Check it all out, as well as a special announcement at the beginning of the show, this week on Video Game Realness.

***Our apologies for the Air Conditioner in the background***

Break Music
MK8 – Cloudtop Cruise
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5:50 – Now Palying
37:13 – News
1:07:04 – E3 Predictions

Episode 39 – Vroom Vroom!

It’s our Mario Kart Spectacular! The guys are covering all the the details of the Mario Kart Direct that hit us last week. Join James, Delvin and Cameron as they break down all the details of the stages, characters, new OP items and all the online details. Strap yourselves in hunties because there’s lots to cover!

That’s not all this week, the crew is covering some other interesting news bits for this week, such as some new dealings in streaming content and TV, as well as some news from Ubisoft.

Check it all out this week on Video Game Realness!

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Break Music:
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Show Notes:
Trailer for Hover Video Game

Episode 38 – DSR: Double Sided Realness

The boys are back after an extended Easter break and there is a ton to talk about! This is your spring news extravaganza, so let’s get right to the talking points.

Highlights: GaymerX2, Dragon Age: Inquisition release date, a dearth of Tales news, the monthly NPD sales pissing contest, Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor, the next Ace Attorney game, lesbian Rosalina, Mario Kart, the cutest controllers you ever did see, and much more!

8:35 – On The Horizon
25:15 – News
48:20 – PlayStation and Xbox News
1:03:50 – Nintendo News

Episode 2 – Nintendo Post-E3

We’re serving up more Video Game Realness than you can handle! Following up from our Post-E3 Sony & Microsoft episode, Delvin, James and Michael dish on all things Nintendo from E3 2013. Favourite games, a new potential Donkey Kong tie-in at Dairy Queen, and a very special rendition of “Genie in a Bottle” are just a few of things packed in this episode of VGR.