Episode 85 – DON’T USE MY FACE!!!

This week, Cameron, Delvin and James recap the highlights of TGS, Pokemon GO, Ellen Page and a slew of new upcoming Marvel comics.

Tune in to the hilarity, and stupidity of this week’s VGRealness!

Break music:

Mai Shiranui – Fatal Fury Special Theme
Smash Bros Brawl – Pit Underworld Theme

Episode 68 – GDC and PAX East 2015

This week, Michael, Cameron and Delvin go over the major highlights of PAX East and GDC. First the guys go over the games they’ve been playing over the past few weeks, and a new trend/addiction for Michael and Cameron.

Be sure to tune in next week for Episode 69!!! Tweet us, or Facebook us who you think are your favourite male video game characters are!

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Pokemon Shuffle – Expert Stage
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Episode 15 – Pokémon Generation Fabulous: Y Be Basic When You Can Be X-travagant?

Get ready for the episode we were beyond excited to record all about Pokémon and X and Y! We talk about the launch of the game, new game mechanics and our personal experiences with this new iteration of Pokémon on the 3DS.

If you were on the fence before about whether or not to buy the game, you won’t be after listening to this episode! We do as much as possible to keep the spoilers on this episode to a very minimum.

Take a listen to us spill the T on Pokémon X and Y! Leave a comment with your favourite moments from the game and be sure to include your Pokémon party.

Show Notes:
-Vivillon from around the world

Pre-Show Update: Picking our Pokémon & Hands on with the 2DS

After taking a week off to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving (and spend copious amounts of time on Pokémon X & Y), the guys are back and giving you a little taste of their Pokémon parties. James, Michael and Cameron also got some hands-on video footage with the Nintendo 2DS at last Friday’s Pokémon launch event in Toronto.

Get ready for this Sunday’s episode, kids. It’s gonna be a whole other level!

James’ Party: Charizard, Talonflame, Bellossom, Greninja, Raichu, Florges
Cameron’s Party: Pyroar, Greninja, Mega Venusaur, Florges, Aurorus, Talonflame
Delvin’s Party: Butterfree, Raichu, Pidgeot, Blastoise, Vileplume, Simisear
Michael’s Party: Skiddo, Lucario, Quilladin, Azumarill, Charmeleon, Honedge

Episode 9 – Gay She-Ra

The VG Realness group is almost reuinted. Michael, Greg and Cameron return to talk with Delvin about what else? Video Games. This week the crew discusses Pokemon X & Y pre-orders in Japan, Hello Kitty Cruisers for WiiU, EA Humble Bundle, more Xbox One-80s and the news that the system launch will be delayed in eight countries. Michael shares his #VGRealnessExy moment and the guys also talk about game developer harrassment, as well as player-to-player harrassment online.

Show Notes:
-Be sure to check out Delvin & James on the Qoopa Klub Podcast this week
-Beauty and the Beast video
-Starcraft MMO Kickstarter
-Gay Dating Sim
-Polygon.com article on game developer harassment
-Dolly Parton Pinball


Episode 3 – Cameron Gets Excited

There’s plenty to talk about this week on VGR. Topics include: Lightning Returns’ Pre-Order Bonus, Xbox head Don Mattrick leaving for Zynga, Australian Ratings Bans, Jigglypuff in Real Life, getting hands on Nintendo’s E3 games and so much more. Get ready, because the amount of realness we’re serving is what? Sick’ning!

Episode 2 – Nintendo Post-E3

We’re serving up more Video Game Realness than you can handle! Following up from our Post-E3 Sony & Microsoft episode, Delvin, James and Michael dish on all things Nintendo from E3 2013. Favourite games, a new potential Donkey Kong tie-in at Dairy Queen, and a very special rendition of “Genie in a Bottle” are just a few of things packed in this episode of VGR.