Episode 100 – Keepin’ It One Hundred

It’s here! It’s queer! It’s finally Episode 100 of Video Game Realness! Join Delvin, Michael, James and Cameron as they relive moments from the past 100 episodes in this part-clip show extravaganza. The show opens with a blast from the past from Episode 0, before the guys kick things off and then look back at previous predictions, ideas, and funny moments. It’s the episode you’ve been waiting for since 2016 and it’s finally arrived!

We’d also like to thank all of the fans of the show for listening to us for the last 5 years. You are all amazing!

VGRealness Plays X-Men Legends II: Part 1 – Saving Basic Blink

In lieu of a regular episode this week, Delvin, Michael, James and Cameron got together to play Gamecube classic X-Men Legends II. Watch part 1 of the video below. And if you’re looking for more awesome VGRealness video shenanigans, watch James freak out over Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (also below.