Episode 103 – Is This Thing On?

Did we?! Are they?! Yes, it’s actually real. Join Delvin, James, Michael and Cameron as they reunite for a very special random episode of Video Game Realness. The guys discuss what they’ve been playing over the last year and a bit, as well as provide a breakdown on the most recent Nintendo Direct. It’s an episode you don’t want to miss!

Episode 102 – I Made This

They’re back, back, back, back, back again!! Join the VG Realness crew as they catch up on what they’ve been playing over the last few months, including discussions of Spider-Man, Octopath Traveller and World of Warcraft. Later the guys discuss the most recent Nintendo Direct and their most anticipated titles this fall.

Episode 100 – Keepin’ It One Hundred

It’s here! It’s queer! It’s finally Episode 100 of Video Game Realness! Join Delvin, Michael, James and Cameron as they relive moments from the past 100 episodes in this part-clip show extravaganza. The show opens with a blast from the past from Episode 0, before the guys kick things off and then look back at previous predictions, ideas, and funny moments. It’s the episode you’ve been waiting for since 2016 and it’s finally arrived!

We’d also like to thank all of the fans of the show for listening to us for the last 5 years. You are all amazing!

Episode 98 – The Return of January Jams, The Trivial Pursuit of Realness, Part 2: The Remix

It’s 2018! It’s January! The gang’s all here and it’s time for a return to January Jams and trivia! But first, join Michael, Delvin, Cameron and James as the guys discuss what they’ve been playing recently, and then delve into the recent Nintendo Direct mini. You don’t want to miss the crew slowly hurtle towards Episode 100!

Show Notes:


Episode 52 – New Horizons

This week, Delvin, James and Cameron discuss the annoucements of EA’s subscription service and discuss the pricing models of Playstation Now. Which system is priced best for its offerings?

The guys also take a look at the releases coming out for the month of August and welcome back the return of Phoenix Down—a segment where they discuss a game series they want to see back!

All this and more on this week of the Video Game Realness Podcast!

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FF14 – Hydra/chimera Theme

VG Realness Gets Hands-on at the Nintendo Post-E3 2014 Preview Event

We’ve done it before and we did it again! That’s right, James, Michael and Delvin went to Nintendo’s most recent media preview event showcasing some of the biggest and best games The Big N was touting at E3 2014. Watch below for our hands-on demos of Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Yoshi’s Woolly World, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

Episode 41 – Flappy Nonsense

The crew is back this week with another News Extravaganza, and boy is there a lot of it.

First off, James, Cameron and Delvin cover the slew of Nintendo news including Tomodachi-gate and how they felt about it. The guys touch on the news of Pokemon, as well as the other recent announcements from Nintendo. Later, they discuss Sony’s recently released financial information and why they sold off their Square Enix stocks.

Of course, the crew also touches on yet another Xbox 180 and the news of the Kinect-less Xbox One.

All this and more on Video Game Realness.

Episode 40 – The One Where We Talk About Social Injustice

In this week’s episode, the guys discuss a hot-button issue in today’s gaming culture. Using Manveer Heir’s talk at GDC as a spring board, Cameron, James, and Delvin discuss misogony, racism and homophobia in video games. We discuss both positive and negative examples of characters and story-telling devices and the mentality behind them. As well, we talk about how the industry can move forward.

While it’s not required listening for this episode, we highly recommend listening to Manveer Heir’s GDC talk, linked here.

**Note: This episode was recorded shortly before Nintendo’s ill-received statement and subsequent apology regarding gay options in Tomodachi Life. As such, we did not get to discuss it, but will be sure to do so in a future episode.

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Episode 37 – Smashtastic!

This week, the VGRealness crew of James, Cameron and Delvin dissect the Smash Bros Nintendo Direct. What was announced, what changes were made, what’s the release date? They discuss it all and more.

But first, it’s Now Playing! The guys talk about what games they’ve been playing for the past few days. As always, the crew covers the news items of the week, including a very strange Ninja Direct that happened the day after the Smash Bros direct.

No new episode will air next week, but VGRealness will return the week of April 27th.

Break Music:
Smash Bros Brawl – Vs. Meta Ridley
Smash Bros Brawl – Battlefield

0:00 – Now Playing
25:14 – News
54:12 – Smash Bros Discussion

Episode 36 – Titanface

The gang’s all here as Michael, Cameron, James and Delvin get together to discuss some of the week’s biggest news items — new Xbox president, Amazon Fire TV, April Fool’s jokes, console title drought — as well as Smash Bros. speculation and more.

Later, the crew discusses what developers they might like to see take on a Nintendo IP; what the Big N’s mobile strategy should be; and what new IP/genres they’d like to see Nintendo tackle.

It’s not as crazy as last week, but it’s still just as fun! Don’t miss out on this all new episode of VG Realness!

Show Notes:
-Don’t miss the guys playing Titanface (Titanfall) on Twitch. Subscribe to our channel to see all our streaming updates!
-Michael’s LEGO in-progress:

tower bridge lego

Episode 35 – Rabid for the D

In this week’s redonk-a-donk episode, James, drunk Cameron and medicated host Delvin cover a lot of ground and try not to get lost along the way.

The trio covers all of the social media discussions they had with listeners over the past week; they also announce the winner for the Smite contest. As it’s the beginning of the month, the guys cover the big game releases for April.

Next, the crew talks about what games they’ve been playing over the past two weeks and of course they talk about the news of the week, including the big bombshell that was Facebook and Oculus Rift. The guys also discuss Killer Instinct’s new developer and what game the former Castlevania producer would like to work on!

Check it all out, and be sure to stay till the end of the episode for all of the crazy antics that had to be edited out to the super-length blooper reel!

Break Music:
Kirby’s Adventure – Green Greens
WoW – Battle vs Sindragosa
WoW – Dalaran Theme

0:00 – Social Media Discussion
19:43 – On The Horizon
34:50 – Now Playing
1:05:50 – News
1:49:27 – Bloopers

Episode 29 – Hashtag Brayvlee Defawlt

It’s time for a little role reversal. Michael hosts this week’s episode with James, Cameron and Delvin and let’s just say things are a little different, but in a #fun way.

The gang discusses what they’ve been playing, including a lengthy discussion about Bravely Default — or as Michael likes to call it, #BrayvleeDefawlt. Have you been playing? Let us know your thoughts by using the aforementioned hashtag.

Following Now Playing, the guys move on to the news of the week, including Halo 2 anniversary rumours, Zero Escape 3 woes, and a smattering of Nintendo news following their latest Ninja Direct. Notable moments include #YouShutYourBitchMouth, #Caligribrush, and #OverTheDrip.

Hilarity ensues this week, so don’t miss out! Yes, it’s a little hashtag crazy, but it’s all in good fun. Plus, the ending of the episode is one you won’t want to miss!

Show Notes:
-Zero Escape 3 fan support

Episode 27 – The Roomies Are At It

Old roommates Cameron and Delvin are at the helm of this weeks episode of Video Game Realness. The two discuss the games they have been playing of the week. Did Cameron play Smite again this week? Did Delvin find an Xbox One yet? Tune in to find out!

In a new segment for this month, we take a look at all the big title releases coming out for consoles this month and discuss which ones we’re looking forward to.

Of course as always, VGRealness brings you the news items of the week and the big discussion topic this week is Nintendo’s financials. Check it all out!

1:50 – Cameron’s Now Playing
11:50 – Delvin’s Now Playing
32:48 – On the Horizon
47:00 – News Elder Scrolls Discussion
1:02:38 – News Nintendo Financials Disccussion

Break Music:
Killer Instinct 3 – Orchid’s Stage
Mario Kart Double Dash – Rainbow Road

Episode 26 – January Jams Part 4: The Conclusion

It’s our final episode of January Jams and we’re bringing you more trivia — this time about sound effects!

But first, James, Michael, Greg and Delvin discuss the drama and controversy surrounding the Machinama deal for paying YouTube broadcasters more for positive Microsoft content. Is this OK? Is the Internet over reacting? The crew hashes it all out at the top of the show.

The guys also discuss more news including Blizzard’s Hearthstone open beta news, Ubisoft and Capcom hiring more people, the release of Monster Hunter 4G and much, much more!

To close things out, the guys have another trivia episode for the history books full of great laughs and lots of feels!

Be sure to listen to the episode that concludes our celebration of January Jams!

Also, don’t forget our contest for a $20 eShop card for last week’s episode! Check out the details here!

Time stamps:
4:45 – Alienware Steam Machine News
11:05 – YouTube Controversy
24:25 – Hearthstone News
1:03:25 – Sound Effect Trivia

Break Music:
Megaman X2 – Bubble Crab
Megaman X5 – Duff McWhalen

***DISCLAIMER: All music used in this episode does not belong to Video Game Realness and is being used under Fair Use Policies.

Episode 25 – January Jams Part 3: The Trivial Pursuit of Realness

It’s a jam-packed episode this week on Video Game Realness. James, Michael and Delvin (back from vacation) have some in depth conversations about some news topics of the week. The guys discuss the upcoming release of Alienware’s Steam Machine — who are these consoles for? What about the controller? — as well as Playsation Now details that were released and the future potential of the service. The trio also talks about Nintendo’s financial woes and what they might try to do to recover from a poor 2013 for WiiU.

Finally, for VG Realness’ celebration to music in gaming, the guys have a Trivia game where James and Michael go head-to-head and try to guess an array of different songs. Who will come out victorious? You gotta tune in to find out!

Special Giveaway!!!

Tweet us @VGRealness or Post on our Facebook Page with the number of times James, Michael and Delvin say “Bravely Default” in this weeks episode for your chance to win a $20 Nintendo eShop Prepaid Credit Code**! #VGRealnessBravelyDefault

Contest Closes Thursday February 7th @ 11:59pm ET

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6:30 – Steam Machine Discussion
22:30 – Playstation Now Discussion
36:40 – Elder Scrolls Pay Structre
53:55 – Console Financials Discussion
1:21:35 – Music Trivia

Break Music
Super Mario Land 2 – Star Maze
FF6 – Terra’s Theme

***DISCLAIMER: All music used in this episode does not belong to Video Game Realness and is being used under Fair Use Policies.