Episode 19 – Last Gen, Reunited

As the next-gen is officially here, James, Cameron and Michael decide to look back on the previous console generation and discuss the best, the worst and SoulCalibur Legends — it’s in its own category. They don’t completely shirk the next-gen wagon; Michael discusses his PS4 and the crew discusses the Xbox One launch, as well as the news of the week.

The guys also talk about what they’ve been playing over the last week (including Super Mario 3D World), Michael discovered that Killzone: Shadow Fall wasn’t all that great in the end, and Cameron has a computer sob story that results in the briefest moment of silence.

What are your thoughts on last-gen? What console did you buy first? Which did you prefer? What is the best thing to come from last-gen? The worst? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook.

Now Playing – 2:30
News: XBox Launch – 20:20
News: Wii U Brit Bundle – 42:00
Last Gen Retrospective – 47:20

Show Notes:
-Geoff Keighley “Xbox go to Los Angeles” gif

4 thoughts on “Episode 19 – Last Gen, Reunited

  1. im listening to your podcast (unrelated, i’ve been following since episode 2!) and omg in your section about the wii U bundle, you guys were comparing british POUNDS to dollars and i wanted to just say “guys guys, stop”. saying “oh its a good deal if you can get this for $299 instead of a PS4 with only one controler for $399”. the bundle is actually more like ~$515 + tax when you convert it so still pretty damn pricey. YES you get quite a large amount of stuff but i feel like you are paying for a good amount of it.

    that is all, you guys are fabulous :).

    PS: whats up with Greg?

    • To be quite honest, the £ to CAD$ conversion is usually false as conversion reflects the relative power of the currency to the USD as opposed to the value of the product being sold. In other words, it wouldn’t be strange to see the same bundle in Canada for $299, give maybe thirty dollars.

      Also of note, the WiiU Basic unit goes for about £249 in the UK. So it’s an excellent deal compared to the PS4 at £349.

      Greg has been busy with school. He’ll be back this week!

      • interesting! you are clearly more researched than I in the matter, thank you for the clarification 🙂

        your podcast is a perfect balance of edutainement!… i am not deleting that but sigh @ myself.

        carry on fellow Canadians 😀

    • also by following, i mean I listened to all episodes since #2. skipped 0 and 1 for… reasons? idk…

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