Episode 20 – A Walk Down Mario Lane

On this week’s episode of Video Game Realness, Delvin and Greg are back with James to discuss Super Mario 3D World and taking a look back on the previous Mario console releases and how they contributed to 3D World. Lots of elements from past games make an appearance in this game and you can find them out all here.

The guys discuss the games of the week that they’ve been playing, or lack thereof in some cases. They also go over some news tid bitties of the week, so strap yourself in and check out episode 20 of Video Game Realness!

Time References:
04:20 – Now Playing
23:16 – News
49:50 – Mario Retrospective

Show Notes:
-Blog about Super Mario Bros 2
-Waiting in line Black Friday game

Episode 19 – Last Gen, Reunited

As the next-gen is officially here, James, Cameron and Michael decide to look back on the previous console generation and discuss the best, the worst and SoulCalibur Legends — it’s in its own category. They don’t completely shirk the next-gen wagon; Michael discusses his PS4 and the crew discusses the Xbox One launch, as well as the news of the week.

The guys also talk about what they’ve been playing over the last week (including Super Mario 3D World), Michael discovered that Killzone: Shadow Fall wasn’t all that great in the end, and Cameron has a computer sob story that results in the briefest moment of silence.

What are your thoughts on last-gen? What console did you buy first? Which did you prefer? What is the best thing to come from last-gen? The worst? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook.

Now Playing – 2:30
News: XBox Launch – 20:20
News: Wii U Brit Bundle – 42:00
Last Gen Retrospective – 47:20

Show Notes:
-Geoff Keighley “Xbox go to Los Angeles” gif