Episode 23 – January Jams

Video Game Realnees is back for 2014 and we’ve got a JAM packed month! All this month, we are celebrating music in video games! Each week we will discuss or have a different feature celebrating music in games.

At the top of the episode, Cameron, James and Delvin go over what games they were playing over the holiday break, as well as their Top 5 games of 2013. Next up, they go over the news that happened over the break, such as the Nintendo Direct announcing some hidden gems, as well as Square Enix rumors.

And in celebration of January Jams, the crew discuss their Top 5 Gaming Soundtracks and what makes them enjoyable for them.

It’s a JAM packed episode you are sure to love! Check it out!

6:30 – Now Playing and Top 2013
34:54 – News
1:17:13 – Delvin’s Top 5 Games
1:26:00 – James’s Top 5 Games
1:31:10 – Cameron’s Top 5 Games

Break Music
Killer Instinct 2 – Tusk’s Theme
Smash Bros Melee – Hyrule Temple

***DISCLAIMER: All music used in this episode does not belong to Video Game Realness and is being used under Fair Use Policies.