No New Episode This Week, Enjoy Hyrule Warriors Videos Instead

Hey all, so as you might have noticed there isn’t a new episode this week. Things have been a little hectic for the VGRealness crew so we had to postpone recording last weekend, but we should be back with an all-new episode next week.

In the meantime, enjoy our latest Hyrule Warriors videos (below)!

Episode 53 – Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

It’s our second stab at a live episode! This week Cameron, James and Delvin went through a partial play through of Sacred 3. Check out our video portion of the episode with the links below. In the podcast portion of the episode, we still have our regular news items of the week.

We discuss Mario Kart DLC, a prospective game tied to Forza, Hyrule Warriors Direct and much much more!

Check out our new content and leave us your feedback on what you think of our live episode and what games you would like to see us play!

Video Links:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Episode 52 – New Horizons

This week, Delvin, James and Cameron discuss the annoucements of EA’s subscription service and discuss the pricing models of Playstation Now. Which system is priced best for its offerings?

The guys also take a look at the releases coming out for the month of August and welcome back the return of Phoenix Down—a segment where they discuss a game series they want to see back!

All this and more on this week of the Video Game Realness Podcast!

Break Music
FF14 – Garuda Theme
FF14 – Hydra/chimera Theme

VG Realness Gets Hands-on at the Nintendo Post-E3 2014 Preview Event

We’ve done it before and we did it again! That’s right, James, Michael and Delvin went to Nintendo’s most recent media preview event showcasing some of the biggest and best games The Big N was touting at E3 2014. Watch below for our hands-on demos of Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Yoshi’s Woolly World, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

Episode 47 – E3 2014: Nintendo Conference

Nintendo presented us again with a non press conference this year, and that’s ok because their digital event was awesome! James, Cameron and Delvin dive into all of the games that were shown off. Smash Bros details, NFC, Legend of Zelda, Bayonetta and much, much more!

What new Nintendo game do you want to see more of?

Nintendo e3

Episode 23 – January Jams

Video Game Realnees is back for 2014 and we’ve got a JAM packed month! All this month, we are celebrating music in video games! Each week we will discuss or have a different feature celebrating music in games.

At the top of the episode, Cameron, James and Delvin go over what games they were playing over the holiday break, as well as their Top 5 games of 2013. Next up, they go over the news that happened over the break, such as the Nintendo Direct announcing some hidden gems, as well as Square Enix rumors.

And in celebration of January Jams, the crew discuss their Top 5 Gaming Soundtracks and what makes them enjoyable for them.

It’s a JAM packed episode you are sure to love! Check it out!

6:30 – Now Playing and Top 2013
34:54 – News
1:17:13 – Delvin’s Top 5 Games
1:26:00 – James’s Top 5 Games
1:31:10 – Cameron’s Top 5 Games

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Killer Instinct 2 – Tusk’s Theme
Smash Bros Melee – Hyrule Temple

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