Episode 86 – And another thing that annoys me

This week, Cameron and Delvin get together to chat about League of Legends Worlds and the continued growth of esports. They also go over what games they are looking forward to this holiday and what they want from future Zelda games.

Check it out this week on VGRealness!

Episode 72 – Pre-E3 Rundown

This week, Cameron and Delvin discuss what we can expect to see at this year’s E3. Before diving into that, they have a discussion about eSports and Twitch culture and where it’s come over the past few years, as well as where we can expect it to go. The guys also share their experience playing the Marvel Legendary Card Deck Building Game.

Episode 21 – Player 2 Press Start

On the 21st episode of Video Game Realness, Delvin and Greg have a discussion about two-player games, and the games that they have enjoyed in the past. They go into a brief history evolution of co-op and competitive games and the introduction of online play and how it evolved multiplayer games.

The duo also discusses the news that broke out over Riot Games and their now overturned decision to not allow contracted players to stream a list of specific games. Will Greg and Delvin have an eSports throw down again? Tune in to find out!

All this, the Jane Austen MMO, VGX awards, Nintendo Shade, and more on Episode 21 of Video Game Realness.

Time Stamps:
01:40 – Jane Austen MMO
18:40 – Nintendo Shade
32:00 – VGX Awards
41:15 – Riot eSports discussion
53:25 – Two-Player Discussion

Break Music: Megaman X Spark Mandrill Theme Music

Show Notes:
-Jane Austen MMO

Episode 14 – When It’s Hot Before (Canadian) Thanksgiving

In this week’s podcast, Delvin, James, Michael and Greg have a discussion which started as a small news piece about the LoL World Championship, but turned into a heated debate on that validity of eSports in general. Which side are you on, and what side did we take? Tune in to find out!

Also, as this generation comes to a close, the group discusses their favorite console games of the past generation, which has actually been over 8 years long. Craziness! Cameron could not be with us this week, but his favorite games are listed below.

All this, Now Playing, other news items of the week, and James discovering he’s become his mother on an all new episode of the Video Game Realness Podcast.

Show Notes:
-Cameron’s Favourite Games:

  1. Mass Effect 3
  2. Mass Effect 2
  3. Dragon Age II
  4. Saints Row
  5. Skyrim
  6. Gears of War 3

-Michael’s crocheted Mass Effect 3DS XL pouch
mass-effect-n7-pouch-crochet-front mass-effect-n7-pouch-crochet-back

Episode 5 – Three and a Half (3.5) Gays

Cameron, Delvin, James and half of Greg (read: hungover) discuss the hot gamer topics for this week. These three and a half gaymers bitch and banter over the rise of eSports, San Diego Comic Con, Nintendo’s Ninja Direct and some Ubisoft Rayman Shade. Oh, and we have some surprises in store for our #VGRealnessPSVita count!

Also, listen in to hear what we’ve been playing this week and James’ request for Animal Crossing advice! #VGRealnessACNL.

Show Notes to follow, hunties.