Episode 52 – New Horizons

This week, Delvin, James and Cameron discuss the annoucements of EA’s subscription service and discuss the pricing models of Playstation Now. Which system is priced best for its offerings?

The guys also take a look at the releases coming out for the month of August and welcome back the return of Phoenix Down—a segment where they discuss a game series they want to see back!

All this and more on this week of the Video Game Realness Podcast!

Break Music
FF14 – Garuda Theme
FF14 – Hydra/chimera Theme

Episode 42 – Jeopardy Trivia Extravaganza Realness

This week on VGRealness, James, Cameron and Delvin discuss the games they have been playing through the week in Now Playing. Check out what they thought of Kirby Triple Deluxe, as well as their stint with the Wildstar MMO Open Beta weekend that passed last week.

Back for our end of month segement, the guys have the Phoenix Down segment, where they take a look at a game series that they want back. This months entry is Legend of Dragoon!

Last but not least, join host Alex Gaybeck through some Video Jeopardy Realness!! Who will be victorious through the 25 Answers provided? Check it all out, this week on the Video Game Realness Podcast.

Show Notes:
-Link to the Jeopardy game board