Episode 34 – JRPG vs. WRPG: Round 1…FIGHT!

This week on VGRealness, the crew is all together for a JAM PACKED episode! Michael hosts (a relatively hashtag-less episode) this week and introduces a new segment, Review Corner. To kick off this new segment, he covers The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville.

As always, the boys cover the news of the week, starting with some of the big news items out of GDC.

For the big discussion topic this week, the guys cover the similarities and differences between Japanese RPGs and Western RPGs. What are the main themes behind each and what are the things that we like and don’t like about each? Which do you prefer? Are you team JRPG or team WRPG?

To close out the episode, it’s the return of Phoenix Down — the segment where the crew talks about a game series that they want to see come back with a sequel!

DON’T FORGET! Our Smite God Pack contest closes on Wednesday March 26. See episode 33 for details.

Time stamps:
6:30 – Review Corner – Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville
18:00 – News
50:23 – JRPG vs WRPG
1:26:04 – Phoenix Down Segment

Break Music:
Grandia 2 – Middle Boss Battle
FFX – Hurry
Chrono Trigger – Boss Battle

Show Notes:
-Nintendo ON Hoax

Episode 33 – Smittenly Smited

This week on VGRealness, Cameron is in the driver seat to help us learn all about MOBAs! What are they? How do these games work? What makes them so popular? But of course, Delvin, Cameron and Michael talk all about Smite in preparation for the upcoming launch on March 25th!

Before the guys dive into the world of MOBAs, we talk about what games they’ve been playing over the past two weeks, and as always, cover the news of the past week: PS4 price increase in Canada, DK Tropical Freeze sales numbers, Smash Bros back at EVO and more.

Be sure to check out the episode as we are having a great giveaway this week for a Smite God Pack! Get all the characters of Smite and future gods all at once!

We want to know, If you could include one god/myth in SMITE, who would it be? Send us your responses via our Facebook Page, Twitter or posting a reply here on our website!

Contest closes Wednesday March 26. Winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck everyone and we can’t wait to hear your responses!

***All break music is from the game Smite, and does not belong to us, and is being used under fair use policy***

Time Outline:
1:55 Now Playing
24:09 News
56:14 MOBAs Discussion

Episode 27 – The Roomies Are At It

Old roommates Cameron and Delvin are at the helm of this weeks episode of Video Game Realness. The two discuss the games they have been playing of the week. Did Cameron play Smite again this week? Did Delvin find an Xbox One yet? Tune in to find out!

In a new segment for this month, we take a look at all the big title releases coming out for consoles this month and discuss which ones we’re looking forward to.

Of course as always, VGRealness brings you the news items of the week and the big discussion topic this week is Nintendo’s financials. Check it all out!

1:50 – Cameron’s Now Playing
11:50 – Delvin’s Now Playing
32:48 – On the Horizon
47:00 – News Elder Scrolls Discussion
1:02:38 – News Nintendo Financials Disccussion

Break Music:
Killer Instinct 3 – Orchid’s Stage
Mario Kart Double Dash – Rainbow Road

Episode 10 – “Live From PAX”

Are you ready for the Video Game Realness 10th Episode Anniversary Extravaganza coming to you “Live from PAX”? The gang’s all here when Delvin, James, Cameron, Greg and Michael discuss what they’ve been playing for the last few weeks. They also discuss Gamescom news — including the PS4 launch date and a #VGRealnessPSVita price drop — as well as a new Tales game for iOS, Pokemon for WiiU, Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune’s new Kickstarter project “Mighty No. 9”, and the biggest drop of news Nintendo has released all year (Nintendo 2DS, Wii U price drop & holiday release dates).

In the second half of our gargantuan episode, get ready for trivia with your host Vanna Black (WHY IT GOTTA BE BLACK?!) where #TeamExy and #TeamPSVita go head-to-head in the ultimate shady showdown.


Information on the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mightyno9/mighty-no-9

Episode 9 – Gay She-Ra

The VG Realness group is almost reuinted. Michael, Greg and Cameron return to talk with Delvin about what else? Video Games. This week the crew discusses Pokemon X & Y pre-orders in Japan, Hello Kitty Cruisers for WiiU, EA Humble Bundle, more Xbox One-80s and the news that the system launch will be delayed in eight countries. Michael shares his #VGRealnessExy moment and the guys also talk about game developer harrassment, as well as player-to-player harrassment online.

Show Notes:
-Be sure to check out Delvin & James on the Qoopa Klub Podcast this week
-Beauty and the Beast video
-Starcraft MMO Kickstarter
-Gay Dating Sim
-Polygon.com article on game developer harassment
-Dolly Parton Pinball


Episode 6 – “I’m Coming For You Exy!”

Get ready for an eleganza extravaganza…or at least another fun-filled episode of Video Game Realness. Hosts Delvin, James, Cameron, Michael and Greg are coming at you with the T on the upcoming GaymerX convention in San Francisco, Activision business news, a potential Nintendo-Atlus merger, and some favourite cosplay from San Diego Comic Con.

Not to mention, we’ve got a new hashtag for everyone — #VGRealnessExy — as well as previous hashtag counts, Animal Crossing updates and what everyone has been playing for the week. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Show Notes
Some of the aforementioned cosplay:



Check out the GaymerX website

The Trauma Center video Greg mentioned

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